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Houston Press Awards - Best Adult Video Store - 2013

We have known that we were creating something special at Discount 24 Hr. Our clients have been telling us this from the beginning. That claim is more credible when you hear it from someone else. A third party. That someone is the Houston Press. Read the complete article here:Houston Press - Best Adult Video Store 2013

An excerpt "Adult video stores have to work harder than ever to get business, but Discount 24 Hr Video has figured out the secret to getting people to keep coming back. Not only have they built up quite the collection of porn and sex toys, they've built something even better: a community. The Members Only section of the building provides a welcoming space for those couples and individuals looking to indulge in a bit of erotic video watching in the company of like-minded people"

We would like to send a big "Thank You" to the people that made this happen. And that would be our staff, the management that listens and all of our clients. The Community. Expect more.

Large Theater Room

Small Theater Room

We have built and furnished a new Small Theater Room that is open to all and furnished it with three cozy futons and a large screen video. We want to emphasize that this Small Theater Room is open to everyone. Singles, crossdresers and couples. We understand that not all couples want or desire the privacy of our Couples Room and enjoy mingling and meeting others. Also when the Large Theater Room is devoted to Couples our other members deserve a nice place to congregate and mingle with others.

New Lounge - The Boom Boom Room

The pool table is gone and in it's place we have built a cozy Lounge - The Boom Boom Room. Our members had requested a nice clean place to mix and mingle and this is it!! We have furnished it with a large screen video, a comfortable futon, table and chairs.

The large screen video will host DVD's and whatever sporting events that are in season - Rockets, Astro's and Texans. The Texans are the official NFL Team of 24 Online. We will not be showing Dallas Cowboys games. That is pornography and against the law.

Locker Rentals

We have received innumerable requests for these and have responded by acquiring 12 lockers for you to keep your personal belongings safe and secure.

We offer two options:

Daily Rental: $5.00

Monthly Rental: $25.00

We also have the beginnings of a dressing room for those that rent these lockers. We know that a lot of people have a need for a space to keep their toys, clothing and whatnots in a private place.

I have seen people literally purchase a hundred dollars worth of toys and leave them behind because they could not bring them home.

These lockers may be especially appealing to crossdressers. With the monthly rental you can store your girly things, have a place to dress and enjoy the evening. Either here at 24hr or a night on the town “en femme”.

The price is an exceptional value. We are tuned in too what our clients have requested and have responded in kind.

Your Private Club:

Welcome to our website. There has been a world of exciting changes here at Discount 24 Hr Video. The growth and expansion of Pudgies continues.

What is Puggies ? Puggies is our private members only club. We have redesigned the large video viewing room in a way that grants our members more privacy. It now has a more intimate look and feel. Our guests have a number of cozy chairs and couches to choose from.

We have another additional entertainment room with a pool table. If you are new to 24 Hr Discount Video you can see we are not the average stereotypical "adult book store".


Discount Video - $4.00 Video's

We have one of the largest selections of adult videos, magazines and toys in Houston. We are consistenly priced lower than any of our competitors in the area. We have hundreds of adult video's that are only $4.00 !! Favorable pricing is one apsect of our business. You will be greeted and served by a professional staff that will make you feel welcome and wanted.

Couples Welcome

Adults Only

Our services and products are intended for the use of adults only. Anyone under the age of eighteen will not be allowed to enter Discount 24hr Video. Our staff is friendly and noted for its superior service. We will ask for identification from those that appear to be under thirty.

Discount 24 Hour Video 730 Highway Six South, Houston, TX 77079 281-679-1797